About Us


" The sheer joy of using your hands to create a piece of art augments the consciousness to establish harmony with Mother Nature and thus protecting it while still deriving the best of it. "

"Maitri", the Sanskrit word means, Friendship and Goodwill !!! It best expresses our desire to be associated with Nature and its rustic products, made by the most natural way…….by hands.

The name, as it suggests "friendship", was incorporated keeping in mind, our need to be more eco-friendly with handmade, greener and recycled products so as to make a difference to our future and the well-being of our planet.



Fascinated by the rich handicraft heritage of India, and being aware that most of these craft forms have been slowly fading away, due to insufficient exposure and inadequate returns, Maitri is a small step to preserve and bring this tremendous treasure to the forefront.

As a humble initiative, we have started with handmade fashion accessories and woolen wears, and propose to include more crafts in this journey of restoring the lost glory of HandCrafts tucked away in Rural India.



To contribute to the preservation of the dyeing art forms and be able to provide Indian Handicrafts an adequate recognition at the International level.
To enhance awareness about handcrafted products and all the things green and nature friendly.
To be able to support the Indian artisans at the basic level with the information and technology, as per the changing market trends and be able to provide them a decent livelihood at a regular basis.


With a deep understanding of technology and market trends, we intend to provide a global platform for local artisans to display their products using traditional methods and the electronic media extensively. We also offer them with ample exposure by marketing their products to a National and International client base. Hence substantiating a regular and adequate income for the artisans.



We believe that economic sustainability and social empowerment are the keys for community development. We seek ways not just to promote and preserve Indian Handicrafts but also help the artisans to sustain in this cottage Industry.

We intend to use age old traditional skills that have been passed down through generations and create contemporary designs that capture current market trends and give a new dimension to the product.

We also aim to be environmentally responsible by using as many recycled, reused, natural and nature friendly materials and processes as we can.



Made by hands using raw materials and centuries of evolutionary tradition, these are pieces of art. They are not just breathtakingly beautiful with the intricate work done on them but also very close to nature with least amount of unnatural interference. The artisans use experience and expertise accumulated over years of practice and generations of knowledge.

But with changing times, there have been many challenges. While India's cultural diversity provides of rich variety of handicrafts, these artisans lack adequate infrastructure, design innovation to keep up with the changing trends and making their products comparable to the global demand. They also require support to have a proper mechanism, to be able to showcase their talent to the world.